Horizons Immigration Consulting offers an end-to-end service focused on

helping its clients with their effortless settlement in New Zealand.


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Horizons Immigration Consulting offers a Preliminary
Assessment service.  It is a professional service designed
to assess a client's eligibility to migrate to New Zealand
under the Skilled Migrant Category.

The Preliminary Assessment provides a breakdown of
points that may be claimed by a client based on several
pre-determined factors by Immigration New Zealand.
It also serves as a basis for professional advice and
immigration pathways we provide our clients.

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New Zealand is a family-oriented society that aims to
bring families together.  If you are already settled in
New Zealand and wish to bring you, immediate family
with you to the country, we can assist in their visa
processing and help you be reunited with your family in
the soonest possible time.


New Zealand has been renowned to produce of the world's top
graduates because of the unique approach the NZ education takes to
learning.  With most of New Zealand's top universities ranking in the top
5% in the world rankings, graduates are equipped to compete in the world
after their studies.

Below are a few reasons as to why New Zealand remains to be the preferred
study destination for students wanting to improve their English communication
skills or acquire industry-related skills:

- Student Visa holders are eligible to work 20 hours a week whilst
  completing their studies.
- Work up to 40 hours full time during school and summer holidays.
- Visa holders may be eligible to apply for the Post-study Work Visa
  after completing a recognized New Zealand qualification.
- The visa permits the holder to bring their spouse/partner whilst the applicant studies.  

- The spouse/partner is eligible to work full-time
  during this time. (for courses level 9 and above)

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New Zealand has been experiencing an exponential amount of
growth over the past 20 years.  This has generated demand for
migrants with specific skill sets in order to sustain the growth.

Our Advisers can assess whether the applicant's occupation
falls under the Skilled Migrant Category.  This visa type would
enable the applicant to work and live in New Zealand permanently.

New Zealand Permanent Residents enjoy the following benefits:

- Children are considered domestic students from
  Primary to Secondary Level. (ages 5 to 18 years old)
- Subsidised Healthcare for the applicant and their immediate family.
  (emergencies, medical, dental check-ups, etc.)



As of May 2019, Registered Nurses have been added to the Long Term Skills Shortage List
(LTSSL) meaning that RN's are highly in demand in New Zealand
and that suitable candidates may be eligible to be granted a residence visa
under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Registered Nurses may be able to gain registration in New Zealand through
the Competence Assessment Programme (CAP).  Completing the CAP would
enable the applicant to work as a nurse and to be able to work towards
permanent residency.  These work visa type permits the applicant to bring
their immediate family to New Zealand during the course of the visa's validity.

Horizons Immigration Consulting offers complete service packages
for qualified Nursing professionals.