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Our family was blessed having chosen the services of Horizons NZ. On our first meeting alone, we were most impressed with their professionalism and utmost sincerity in providing an overall picture of what to expect in NZ life. They guided us very well as new immigrants and gave valuable advice in securing work towards residency. Kudos to Rowel and to the rest of the team!

Aldy and Sona Daval Santos,

North Shore New Zealand

Janis Sotelo, Auckland New Zealand

"Being away from your husband can be overwhelmingly doleful but with the assistance from Horizons New Zealand, I was able to join my husband (Brian) just a MONTH after my VISA application. It was not an easy course but with the partnership Horizons offered, we were able to prepare all required documents that helped speed up the process. Open communication is always effective and I appreciate Horizons sense of urgency in coming back to us for all of our concerns. They have been very accommodating and optimistic - 2 important qualities crucial in any VISA-processing firm. After almost 3 weeks here in New Zealand, I'm very happy to be with my husband again and I feel really blessed to have been offered a job within the same industry as my previous experience in the Philippines. All these possible because of God's grace, support from family and friends, and proper guidance from Horizons New Zealand. Thank you, team!"

Brian Sotelo, Auckland New zealand

Thank you Horizons New Zealand - you served as the gateway that provided the path for me to reach one of my life goals. I appreciate the partnership and the open communication that made me feel welcome; you've always responded urgently to my every question. Thank you for being efficient and reliable, and for the guidance that has always assured me that I'm in good hands. Keep up the excellent work, team! Continue making dreams come true."

From Brian S.

Ever since we have settled here in New Zealand, I really wanted to bring my parents here so I can spend my time with them. They can only immigrate here in New Zealand through the Parent's Category of New Zealand Immigration. I decided to find all the requirements for them to immigrate here on my own. It was a very stressful process and I felt I was going nowhere doing it all on my own. I decided to consult Horizons New Zealand for advice and assistance. They took off the load and stress away from me and made it a really easy process. They requested all the files and documents that they needed from us and they sorted the rest of the application process for us. After a few months, my parent's residency was approved and they will be coming to New Zealand soon! I really recommend New Zealand Horizons for all your immigration needs as they will make the process easy and no stress for you. They would gladly answer all your questions and concerns regarding immigration. I would like to thank New Zealand Horizons for helping my family out.

Perry and Rowie Fajardo 

Pakuranga New Zealand

Grace, Auckland New Zealand

MEET GRACE. You might recognize her from our horizons Christmas party video published a few months ago, check our video -

Congratulations Grace on your Post Study Work Visa! 

Sarangay Family, Auckland New Zealand

Finally! Our visa was approved! Thank you so much for all your efforts. For the time and patience, you spent in dealing with the whole process. We are very much grateful for everything you've done for us. Thank You Horizons New Zealand Team. We are very fortunate for this opportunity.

Alombro Family, Auckland New Zealand

Welcome To New Zealand Ciara! ✅ Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Alombro for giving us this wonderful opportunity to assist your family. Clients like you are the foundation of our business success. Your loyalty and support as our client is highly appreciated!

Eugene & Chiqui, Auckland New Zealand

We received a wonderful gift from our client! Thank You, Eugene and Chiqui! 

" To Horizons Team Thank You for all your kind assistance. God Bless From Eugene And Chiqui! "

"Do not leave it to amateurs, work with a Licensed Immigration Adviser. Let our experience be your guide!"

Efren, Auckland New Zealand

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work, diligence, and attention to detail throughout the entire process. Thank you Horizons!

Mikenth, Auckland New Zealand

These guys are truly professional – they listen, analyze the problem, develop a plan, advise you, and produce results without killing the budget.

Thank you Horizons New Zealand!

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